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Welcome to XB Lights!

!!!!   SAVE 10%  !!!!
( But only if you are patient )

We have just started a small remodel of the XB Lights work shop.
With that, we will not be able to build or ship any lights until it is completed.
We do not have an official completion date, but roughly mid-September before we will have everything setup to start building lights again with possibly another 1 to 2 weeks after that before they can ship out.

To help with this extended delay, We are offering a 10% discount on all orders placed while the remodel is being completed. You can get your 10% savings in two ways.

#1. Place your order using the "add to cart" button on the site. Once payment is received, we will refund 10% of the lights cost back through PayPal.

#2. Contact us, either on the site or through email, to request a total with the 10% discount.
(Do not forget, you can mail in payment to save an additional $10 as well)

This discount will apply as long as the above message is displayed. Payment or email must be received while it is still being displayed. Once the remodel is completed it will be taken down without notice, so put your order in now to ensure you get your 10% savings!

Thank You!

The web site is currently "under construction".
Some descriptions and representations (including images) will not be accurate until construction is completed. This has been a long process, but hopefully will be completed soon. Sorry for the delays!

Please email with any questions. All of the Add to Cart links should be working through out the site.

XB Lights specializes in the creation of custom tail lamp assemblies for 2003-2009 Buell XB lightnings, XB Firebolts, 1125Rs, and 1125CRs.

We offer high-quality LED tail lamp assemblies which are much brighter and consume less energy than your conventional brake bulb. All of our assemblies are complete and sealed housings with factory connections.

We have an array of options available, such as unique running lights, Clear, red or smoked lenses, integrated turn signals and license plate illumination.

Red Lens, 2 strip running lights.