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How to Save $30 on Your Order:

#1 - You can receive $20 back when you send in your stock tail light housing!

After you receive and install your XB Lights tail light, send us your stock housing and we will send you $20 back! Or if your bike has down time you can mail it in before hand and deduct that from your total.

Your original housing must be in good shape, no cracks, no holes, and no damage whatsoever.

You must include:

-The tail light housing WITH all 3 electrical tabs. (#1 in picture)
-The small clear lens for the license plate illumination. (#2 in picture)

Why let it collect dust on a shelf or thrown in a box you won't open for 10 years!?! Send it in as soon as you can and thicken that wallet a bit!

#2 - You can save $10 by mailing in your payment instead of paying online!

Mailed payments are easier for us to handle on the paperwork side and reduces fee's we have to pay. We pass these savings on to YOU! Email us now at xblights@yahoo.com for complete details!

For the best of both worlds, if possible mail us your original housing and payment at the same time! That would make for a $30 savings!

Email us at xblights@yahoo.com or send us a message from the contact form with any questions! We will reply very quickly!

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